Jannik Kerkhof






Jannik Kerkhof Portrait

Jannik Kerkhof

is a German Hiphop, Pop and Jazz drummer based in Berlin.

Born in 1990 in Freiburg, Jannik found his passion already at the age of five. He studied Drums in Dresden, Berlin and Freiburg with Eric Schafer, Sebastian Merk, Michael Griener and Moritz Baumgartner, among others. Splitting his time between Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin, he works as a studio drummer, touring artist, drumcoach and producer in a huge range of musical settings. His Hiphop project Daensn hosts the successful Daensn Freestyle Show on their YouTube channel.

With his Modern Jazz trio JMJ, Jannik won several (Jazz-)awards and was nominated for the Youth Munich Jazz Award in 2019.

Jannik has worked with artists such as

Kuso Gvki, Keno, Moritz Jahn, Curlyman, Retrogott, MC Rene, Kwam.E, Aisha Vibes, Nepumuk, Jace, Savvy, Fatcat, Andrez Tierstar, Gier, Maniac & Liquid, Antifuchs, Jenny Sharp, Veedel Kaztro, Roger Rekless, Alice Dee, Rote Mütze Raphi, Whitey en vogue, Chabezo, Annamateur, DJ Access, Gruppa Karl Marx Stadt, Galv …