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Jannik Kerkhof Portrait

Jannik Kerkhof

Hiphop, Pop and Jazz drummer based in Berlin.

My musical journey began early when I discovered my passion for the drums. During my drum studies with renowned drummers such as Eric Schäfer, Sebastian Merk, Michael Griener, and Moritz Baumgartner in Dresden, Berlin, and Freiburg, I further developed my skills.

With the group Daensn, I had the opportunity to establish a YouTube format titled “Daensn Freestyle Show” from 2021 to 2023. If you’d like to check out this improvised show format, feel free to click on the link above.

Today, I work as a versatile studio drummer, touring artist, drum coach, and producer. The passion for hip-hop is an integral part of my music. In addition, I have won various jazz awards with my Modern-Jazz Trio JMJ and was nominated for the Young Munich Jazz Prize in 2019.

As a drummer, I have had the privilege of collaborating with talented MCs, DJs and producers, and performing on numerous stages. Here are some small selection of artists I have had the opportunity to work with:

Kuso Gvki, Keno, Moritz Jahn, YONII, Curlyman, Retrogott, MC Rene, Kwam.E, Aisha Vibes, Nepumuk, Jace, Savvy, HUN, Dimi Rompos, Julian Adler, Fatcat, Andrez Tierstar, Gier, Maniac & Liquid, Antifuchs, Jenny Sharp, Veedel Kaztro, Roger Rekless, Alice Dee, Rote Mütze Raphi, Remi.fr, Florian Nägeli, Whitey en vogue, Chabezo, Annamateur, DJ Access, Gruppa Karl Marx Stadt, Galv …